Saturday, May 31, 2014

still getting them.....

Their bellies are slim, them have spawned out, but they are very hungry, especially for black poppers. 
"Keeping the light tackle and fly rods bent!   Triple digit days for top water."---Capt. Mitch Blake

Friday, May 30, 2014

39 blue marlin in 3 days

Really?   That's the report I just got from a boat returning on a 3 day trip to the FADs.  If you want in on this action, the time is now.  I'm going at the end of the month.

Meanwhile at Los Suenos, we raised one blue marlin today.

If fishing ain't your thing and you are a duck hunter or wingshooter and you have ever considered Argentina, you need to join me July 10-17 at the best all-inclusive deal that you will ever get at our two VIP duck and dove lodges.

Quit talking about it and dreaming about it, just do it.

Oh, the cobia fishing, I bait fished for the first time today and hooked about a 100 pounder.....spinner shark, put on a great show until it cut us off.   Saw one little guy on a buoy that did not want to eat the fly.   Amberjack fishing is off the hook, almost as good as the blue marlin fishing at the FAD's.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Capt. Ray reports on the big drum

That's right, Capt. Ray has some first hand information of schools of BIG drum in the river.  He's taking care of his wife who is having a hard time of it now, keep her in your prayers, but he's managing to get out on some skiff trips and has run across some early big drum action in the Neuse!

Next time get the whole fish in the picture.....

Report from the Bill Collector out of MHC

"We had a great time. You guys are first rate & we are always happy with your service. My brother was really excited about catching a marlin (he doesn't typically get excited about fishing very much).
Thanks"  ------ Erik

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Lower Roanoke still on Fire with topwater stripers

I should not have misled folks by giving the last report from Weldon.  Although we don't have any guides now working out of Weldon,   Capt. Mitch Blake is still getting it done with 100 fish half days on topwater on the lower river.  Really amazing fishing continues on the Roanoke.

Justin Haddock getting it done.

Justin got his, glad that I got a couple also, he had 3 in the box before I saw the first one......

Monday, May 26, 2014

Last report from Weldon

"Fished my last trip Friday and gonna start moving stuff to the beach next week. My partner there is booked every day next week so I'm hoping I have to wait cause I'm fishing and too busy to go. Water is still up and have had many days in a row of 150 on half days with bait. Water is so high the top water was not there, but there's a lot of really nice fish in the river now. Been fishing with 2 to 5 boats on the river for the past week. The most consistent, best year I can remember in the past ten... still going on. Where else could you spend a Memorial Day weekend catching a hundred or more a day with nobody else there? Roanoke River showed us something this spring, bro."
-----Capt. Rod Thomas

Capt. Rod will be joining us on the Neuse/Pamlico this year for the big drum.   Super guy and great fisherman.

Report from the coast?   Well, if you wanted to sight cast cobia this past wee, it has sucked...... up until yesterday with the arrival of bait balls and cobia swimming around them.   We pulled a couple off, caught a couple and saw a dozen or so.   It was the best sign of life that I have seen this year, but it was very crowded.   I kept trying to stay away from the crowds, but every time I got by myself, there were no fish around.   I need to learn to play better with others.

The rest of this past week it has blown out of every direction of the compass or we have saved the day with bass, amberjacks and a sprinkling of groupers.    Bait fishing for cobia remains good for those willing to do it.

Marcus and William had a blast with their first introduction to "maximum pulledge"

Thursday, May 22, 2014

3 hour tour

The theme song to Gilligan's Island is playing over and over in my head.   That's what it's been the last two days for sight casting.  IF you can get bait there is a high probability of getting a cobia bite or 3 or 4......IF you can find bait.    Although I may fish with bait, I will at all costs avoid anchoring up and bait fishing for cobia.  I'm still counting on things to turn around, if not, the bass, groupers and aj's better look out, we did dabble in that one day this week and it worked out really good.  I may be seeing some more of them in my future, but tomorrow, it's a full day after the cobes and I plan on seeing them before I catch them.

Monday, May 19, 2014

What's the deal with this fish?

What's the deal with this fish?
---Capt. Chris Kimrey

Some funky colors, kind of piebold/albino, a little small maybe, but bigger than the one I caught today.....   -----Capt. George Beckwith


Yesterday I miscalculated a couple of things.  One, how many fish that we were going to see.....despite ideal conditions, there was no sight casting, but plenty caught on the bottom.
Two, I miscalculated how much gas it was going to take to propel my Parker in search of cobia and return all the way back to the dock.   We didn't make it.   I've got to thank Derek Jordan for the tow, it wasn't the first time that he's pulled me home......

In all fairness, my fuel gauge is busted, I have now confirmed the malfunction, it still reads half a tank.   I need to also thank Capt. Chris Kimrey for towing me to the Gulf Docks earlier in the week.  Yup, as the dockmaster said to me yesterday.  "Not again!".

Down East University-Crystal Coast Campus


Just a note to let you know how much we enjoyed our time last week.

Down East University is a great idea and I am very glad we were able to join you guys. I learned a lot and enjoyed the fellowship with everyone.

Cobia fishing with you on Monday was a lot of fun. The 75 lber you put Eric on was extra special to say the least!

Another enjoyable day of class with Chris on Tuesday. Ocean Flounder & live baiting the AJ’s & sharks was great. So much to learn, so little time.

Also, thanks for the two rod and reel combos that came with the DEU package!

Hope you decide to do it again!

Thanks again,


Week in Review and miscalculations


Up until yesterday we have been enough cobia showing themselves to ride around and look for them.  Hopefully they'll show again or we'll have another wave come through, otherwise, I'll be getting the bottom gear together to load up on the bass and the groupers instead of wasting the whole day riding around in circles looking for brown ghosts and trolling for Spanish mackeral.

Over the past week, we saw over 100 cobia, catching 20 of them, including this 75 pounder caught during the Down East University-Crystal Coast Campus.  We caught keeper cobia every day that we fished except for yesterday and Tuesday, when we were trying to catch one on the fly.   This big black drum made the mistake of eating a fly along with a red drum equally as large and a false albacore over 20 pounds on spinning tackle, but no cobia.

With warming surface temps and another approaching wave, we are far from finished with sight casting cobes.......

Monday, May 12, 2014

Red turned to black and brown

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Top Water Striped Bass Bite is on FIRE

Capt George,
Customer asked how old is this top water plug with the paint missing and straightened O-rings?
That one's about 2 weeks old!"  ----Capt. Mitch

If you have never done it, you will not be disappointed.   Where can you go and on a "slow" half day only catch a couple dozen fish?    We have guides that are on the riva and they are going to stay there as long as YOU want to go fishing.  

And off the beach

That big wave of cobia has showed up, probably getting shoved inshore from all those dolphin out there.   Looks like Capt. Brian got a blue marlin also.   still 2 spots open for Monday on the Run Off.  Weather is supposed to be nice. 

Friday, May 9, 2014

Pumpkin Patches

Best fishing of the year on the Roanoke and I'm on the coast, up in the tower, looking bait for a big day tomorrow.  Took a while to found the bait, the giant pumpkin patches of BIG red drum gave it away.  Only had 3 rods on the boat and with 3 casts, Capt. Chris Kimrey and I had 2 on and one waiting in the rod holder.   Very, very, very cool stuff.  No telling what we could have done with them if we stayed with the school, but we were on a mission to load the boat with cobia candy.

Mission accomplished.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Good News, Good News

Good news is that there are A LOT of striped bass in the Roanoke River at Weldon, with even more coming.

More good news is that water temps are perfect for top water action.

Good news is that water levels look good for a successful spawn, barring no more deluges upstream.   A successful spawn this year would be really, really good news, considering that 2 of the last 5 years have been a bust and almost no baby striped bass were produced.

For the fishermen on the Roanoke, they are now getting the best of it.....and sometimes a few hours of oddly slow fishing......that's when the stripers are preparing to do what they came here to do and food is just not a priority.

From those anglers who are getting the best of it, here are some reports and pics:

"Thanks to you and Greg for some great striper fishing yesterday and this morning.  We had a blast.  We'll probably be looking you up at some point in the future for our next adventure, whether it's the Roanoke or elsewhere!" ------Matt

"When the fish ran drag after landing 40 plus Stripers I thought we had stuck a game changer.  Ended up being an awesome Cat!  Released fish an went on to catch another 40 or so Stripers on the half.  Dang where are my scales?" ----Capt. Mitch Blake

"It is 1030 am and we are out of bait, 10 dozen minnows caught 80 or 90 stripers but who is counting thank you Capt  Greg!!!!" -----    Hugh and Fax

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The diplomat's response to drum tournaments

"Well let's just say you and I don't agree on this approach. I don't encourage additional regulations....  I have always thought that we could use tournaments as an educational opportunity for anglers to learn about ethical angling techniques and proper catch and release"
 ---Anna Beckwith

Top water stripers

Capt George, hit the water today to check on my top water bite and didn't eat my breakfast until 10:30ish.  Stuff was jamming!"
Capt. Mitchell Blake

Day 1
                                                              Day 2

Day 3

Should be back on the dock shortly

Just so you know how I feel about Old Drum Tournaments

My official position on old drum tournaments:
"As long as the fishery can handle the effects of catch and release fishing,  and I believe that this fishery has demonstrated that it can,  the adult red drum catch and release fishery should be available to the public.

I do not like the idea of the government dictating how many fish someone can catch and release.   A 'sufficient' amount should be left up to the individual.  The public must keep in mind that albeit very low, there is a mortality associated with catch and release fishing.   The more you catch, the more you kill.

I detest the idea of a tournament that encourages people to catch (kill) as many adult red drum as they can.   Red drum are a long-lived fish with a unique life history and warrant the protective measures currently in place such as the required use of circle hooks on short leaders with fixed weights from 7 pm to 7 am during the spawning season on the Pamlico Sound.   During this same period I would support the prohibition of tournaments whose outcome is determined by a total number of releases or requires that every fish be measured or taken out of the water."

George H. Beckwith Jr.

"Captain George:
 I hope that you are doing well these days and are helping your clients catch lots of fish.  I am a member of the ......... Fishing Club and a member of a committee that is organizing an old drum fishing tournament for this fall....We are seeking contributions for this prize from the local guides, like yourself......" 

My response: 

With all due respect to you. 
(Screw) your drum tournament.  I hope that it goes away before it starts."


Monday, May 5, 2014

The Roanoke the way it's supposed to be

Really great fishing.   The fly is on fire and is often out fishing bait.   They are about to go top water.   WE HAVE OPENINGS.   This fishing is a long ways from falling apart, in fact the very best of it is just beginning.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Two spots left with Down East University-Crystal Coast

Next Monday and Tuesday.

Shoot me an e mail if you have interest in signing up at the last minute.

It should be good, the cobia have arrived at the coast!!!!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

"Hey George,
We had a great day on the river today (w/Capt. Lee).  100 fish is pretty dang good for a half day.  Thanks for such a great service."  ---Dustin

Friday, May 2, 2014


This  Down East Guide was launching his boat and miscalculated how much water it would take to float her off the trailer, she got away from him.   No big deal, Greg gave him a ride back to his unattended boat.
 That's nothing, it's been a long season.  After launching and loading the boat several times/day, some of us, yes multiple guides, have launched their boat and taken off to go fishing with their truck and trailer still on the ramp......not me of course, I would never admit to such a thing.

Doing good despite tough conditions.

The Down East Guides have been having consistent triple digit days despite some crazy weather conditions and highly fluctuating water levels.  Most of them on the fly and jigs.  Looks like it's going to drop again and we'll be back to where we were a week ago.....catching 'em.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

My personal mechanics

You guys may know how tough I can be on equipment.  Thanks to Mauricio and Kenny for getting my wheels going again......but I think this one is going to cost me.