Saturday, October 27, 2018

Ashley King got his trout on today

tarpon on the fly

I got a lesson from the master today, Capt. Jake was 1 for 2.   I got way stretched out on something that didn't jump, but he sure knew I was there.  No telling, maybe a "yellow belly" tarpon or big cubera.  Either way, I pulled the hook, at least I didn't break him off on the 20# fly tackle we are using. I got mine this afternoon, nice 70 pound tarpon on the fly. 

Friday, October 26, 2018

no rooster love.......

.....but had a good time with the dorados.   Anna hung out on the beach at Manuel Antonio and I took Melissa out on the pink panga with Roy

Off to Silver King Lodge

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Maybe something cool will happen

All good from the tropics.   This is some me-time for the next week.  Will post some reports. 

My schedule:    
Roosterfish tomorrow.
Tarpon Saturday, Sunday, Monday 
Tuesday and Wednesday at the seamounts for blue marlin.
Maybe something cool will happen.

Monday, October 22, 2018

some pics

Sunday, October 21, 2018

albie report

plenty of them, also big spanish, blues and kings.   big drum on the east side. 
In short, some pretty good fishing

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

We lost a hero today

Trooper Kevin Conner, who we had the pleasure to host on the Dragin Fly, was senslessly killed today in a traffic stop.  I had the pleasure to spend some time with Kevin in Costa Rica.  He was a super nice guy who loved life and he was a true southern gentleman.  I am heartbroken by this loss. When you see the flags at half staff tomorrow, please keep his family in your prayers, he was a father of two. 

Striped Bass Rant Post and Pass

Striped bass in the Neuse River will never recover for these two reasons:

11)      Bycatch of unattended gill nets, both small mesh and large mesh nets in the Neuse River

But even if the nets were eliminated…..which is not the only option, strict attendance is another

22)    Neuse River (low flow system) has been stocked with brood stock sourced from the Roanoke River (high flow system).  These Roanoke River strain striped bass will not consistently, successfully spawn in a low flow system like the Neuse.  Furthermore, when they do successfully spawn, they only pollute the gene pool of the native Neuse River strain striped bass.  

By stocking Roanoke River sourced fish the NCWRC has created a put and take fishery, just like land locked lakes like Gaston !!!!!

They need to manage this fishery as a put and take fishery not for restoration. 

Monday, October 15, 2018

Citation Applications for Big Red Drum

Get them in to us asap.

good king bite on the beach

That's something.
Lot's of little trout.
I'll be out there a bit this week, but things are shaping up nicely after this last storm.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

and from today with Capt. Greg

Tripled up

With Capt. Greg 

Monday, October 1, 2018

big drum pics from today with Capt. Greg