Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Just so you know how I feel about Old Drum Tournaments

My official position on old drum tournaments:
"As long as the fishery can handle the effects of catch and release fishing,  and I believe that this fishery has demonstrated that it can,  the adult red drum catch and release fishery should be available to the public.

I do not like the idea of the government dictating how many fish someone can catch and release.   A 'sufficient' amount should be left up to the individual.  The public must keep in mind that albeit very low, there is a mortality associated with catch and release fishing.   The more you catch, the more you kill.

I detest the idea of a tournament that encourages people to catch (kill) as many adult red drum as they can.   Red drum are a long-lived fish with a unique life history and warrant the protective measures currently in place such as the required use of circle hooks on short leaders with fixed weights from 7 pm to 7 am during the spawning season on the Pamlico Sound.   During this same period I would support the prohibition of tournaments whose outcome is determined by a total number of releases or requires that every fish be measured or taken out of the water."

George H. Beckwith Jr.

"Captain George:
 I hope that you are doing well these days and are helping your clients catch lots of fish.  I am a member of the ......... Fishing Club and a member of a committee that is organizing an old drum fishing tournament for this fall....We are seeking contributions for this prize from the local guides, like yourself......" 

My response: 

With all due respect to you. 
(Screw) your drum tournament.  I hope that it goes away before it starts."