Monday, May 26, 2014

Last report from Weldon

"Fished my last trip Friday and gonna start moving stuff to the beach next week. My partner there is booked every day next week so I'm hoping I have to wait cause I'm fishing and too busy to go. Water is still up and have had many days in a row of 150 on half days with bait. Water is so high the top water was not there, but there's a lot of really nice fish in the river now. Been fishing with 2 to 5 boats on the river for the past week. The most consistent, best year I can remember in the past ten... still going on. Where else could you spend a Memorial Day weekend catching a hundred or more a day with nobody else there? Roanoke River showed us something this spring, bro."
-----Capt. Rod Thomas

Capt. Rod will be joining us on the Neuse/Pamlico this year for the big drum.   Super guy and great fisherman.

Report from the coast?   Well, if you wanted to sight cast cobia this past wee, it has sucked...... up until yesterday with the arrival of bait balls and cobia swimming around them.   We pulled a couple off, caught a couple and saw a dozen or so.   It was the best sign of life that I have seen this year, but it was very crowded.   I kept trying to stay away from the crowds, but every time I got by myself, there were no fish around.   I need to learn to play better with others.

The rest of this past week it has blown out of every direction of the compass or we have saved the day with bass, amberjacks and a sprinkling of groupers.    Bait fishing for cobia remains good for those willing to do it.

Marcus and William had a blast with their first introduction to "maximum pulledge"