Monday, December 28, 2015

From Capt. Ray and his exploits this morning

I'm starting to get a good sign of ducks. We finally got some cold weather coming . The trout fishing is red hot too. I still have openings for blast and cast trips. Or just blast or cast.We still do the steaks and oysters I the blind too. 

On the coast, up the creek

From Capt. Chris:
Good trip, sea bass, old drum, albies, Sharks even one black drum.

Meanwhile, I got a call at 7 am this morning from Capt. Ray to tell me that he was "burning up" the stripers on the Neuse with at least two of them over 30 inches. 

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Merry Christmas from Miami

Where the air is beginning to smell like carne asado (roasted pig) and the token Gringo of the family gets to be Santa

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Glad I have friends who get cabin fever also

Big drum 4 at a time until the giant sharks moved in........had to strip down to shorts and t-shirts after this quad which got the day started.   "Double digit" plus red drum are now sporting tags.

Friday, December 11, 2015

very cool afternoon

Left the dock at 2:30. Right after crossing the shoals there were several groups of gannets in threes and fours spearing the water from 100 feet in the air.  They were making deep dives on bait that was not pushed up to the top.   The menhaden were stacked for 3 or 4 feet off the bottom.   I dropped a sting silver down hoping to snag a couple for bait but got bit by something with a big head shake.   Quickly chunked a bucktail off the other side of the boat and it got big before hitting the bottom.  Double header, rather a perpetual double header of BIG red drum.   Ended up landing 6 and pulling two off.   Never did snag a menhaden

Continued the jigging of stingsilvers at the Summerlin/Belly Reef/AR 285 and caught sea bass, little groupers and grants, loads of bluefish, a couple of albies and to end the day, a 25 pound cobia on the mini rod.    Back at the inlet by sunset.


Thursday, December 10, 2015

Jake's report

Greetings from the Cape Lookout area of NC:

During the last couple of days my prediction that the bay anchovies
(Brown Bait/Rain Bait) would be coming out of our inlets during December this year, came true. On the Monday after Thanksgiving, I witnessed acres of rain bait, way up in Pamlico sound along with in the Neuse River, the water temperature up there was at least ten degrees above normal.

For the last four nights the air temperature back here where I live got down into the 30's while during the day it goes up to 70 or close. As soon as the water temperature dropped more than 8 degrees in the sound and rivers, the bait heads out to the Ocean for warmer water. The bait was very happy to find water temperatures between 59 and 66 degrees in and just outside of the inlets.

From Sunday through today, the Albies where waiting as the bait started to come out on the falling tides. Thousands of Albies, are feeding on hundreds of thousands of bay anchovies. We caught them all of the way up to my marina, through the turning basin, through the inlet, and out into the buoy chain for several miles. Albies Blitzing on bait balls as far as you can see!

These fish are doing this at Drum inlet, Bardens, Beaufort, Bogue inlet, and all of the way down to Wilmington. Unfortunately I couldn't get there today, packing for a trip to Florida tomorrow morning, that said we got plenty for the couple days before today. I think this can go on until Christmas, unbelievable! In this report are a few pictures I gathered from friends who fished today. I love my job, wish you were here.
Jake Jordan's Fishing Adventures

Notice where these albies were caught, in the "Turning Basin" right around the port, on the back side.   Schools of big drum have been reported mixing with the bluefins, kings and cobia a little off the beach. 

Beautiful day on the water

I've been stuck in the office the last few days, even last week in Costa Rica I couldn't get out on the water.   Cabin fever set in and I needed some breeze in my face and moving water under my feet so yesterday I went for a ride in the skiff up around New Bern.   After hitting a couple of my old time favorite spots without a bite, I was wishing that I had received some intel from some of the Down East Guides who are on the water several days of the week.   I did end up finding a stretch of bank with a mixed bag of striped bass, speckled trout and a largemouth bass.

Couple hours in the office today and I'm going for a ride in the tower boat to see if there is anything living on the shoals.......

I hope to get out there from time to time before migrating south for the season, if I want to do more catching, I'll most likely end up riding along with one of the Down East Guides who are more in the know than I am......

Give us a ring if you want to shake some of that cabin fever.   Get you a good half day for $450 for you and 2 of your friends.    If it's just you and you've got to go, give us a ring and we'll see if we can get you rigged up.

Capt. George

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Brackish water mixed bag

Trout to the East, Stripers to the West, if you go to far you'll run into the bucket mouth.  Needless to say I've covered some ground to show you whats out there.  Call your shot.  ----Mitch