Saturday, January 30, 2010

maybe this is a trend

two days of double digits, 14 again today, plus the dorado and PLENTY of tunas.

Friday, January 29, 2010

fishing is picking up

All the difference a day makes. Same place two days ago, catch 2 sailfish, 4 dorado; another slow day, which seems to be the theme lately. Yesterday, a double digit day, releasing 14 sails. Hopefully a trend is developing.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pollo's Gallo

After 2 months, he's got these two big roosters eating out of his hand. Really amazing to watch. These are some of many pics.

Catch of the week

Jim "Never Enough" Copland at his best

Trout fishing

They're not all gone, here's a pic of a nice 'un that dad caught with Capt. Lee this week.

Anna's new passtime.....

Monday, January 25, 2010

sails, dorado, speks and pet roosterfish

The bite isn't red hot, but we're getting what we need, 2-5 sails and 2-5 dorado/day, an occassional wahoo and almost daily shots at marlin. James dropped on some good marks and ended up with 6 grouper yesterday.

Back at home, the freeze hasn't killed all the trout, Capt. Lee took pops out yesterday and had a good day despite the wind and cold.

Pictures are coming of Pollo (Carlos, Danny's brother) and his pet roosterfish, two of them actually. They're eating ballyhoo out of his hand from under the docks at Los Suenos. Beautiful 20-30 pounders.

The pangas have been doing pretty good, catching at least 1 trophy rooster each of the last 4 days.

Pics to come.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


I got a chance to ride along on the Scatterbrain yesterday with Big Jim and company. Some pics below and some boat porn from the tourney. Most of the boats had a shot at a malrin, we got ours, a couple of sails and several dorado. Not red hot, but decent fishing.

Congrats to Never Enough on his blue marlin. When Anna told him that a marlin was on the line, Big Jim tightened up his belt and stepped up to the plate.

Who is that masked man?

Boat Porn

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fishing since the tournament

has been a lot like fishing the last 2 days of the tournament, a little slow on the billfish, catching 2-4/day, plus 5 or 6 big dolphin, several tuna on both of the last two days and a 50 pound wahoo yesterday.


has been a lot like fishing the last 2 days of the tournament, a little slow on the billfish, catching 2-4/day, plus 5 or 6 big dolphin, several tuna on both of the last two days and a 50 pound wahoo yesterday.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Day 3

Have a cerveza for the Cerveza, congratulations Butch and crew from Pirate's Cove, they had another great day with 7 or 8 sails and sealed the deal. Ronnie, on The Hook, the most recent 42' Maverick, finished second, just ahead of Lady Columbo.

Congratulations go out to Mark Jones who lost a 5 way tie for top angler in the tournament, losing to Bill Royster on time.

Team Dragin Fly caught 4 out of 10 sails and PLENTY of dolphin. The next guys fishing love to catch dolphin.........

Back to the grind of returning e mails and phone calls for a couple of days....

Friday, January 15, 2010

Day 2 report

Not too good.....

We won the daily yesterday, 13 sails and a marlin. Thanks to the South Carolina guys, Cam (shown below), Mark and Maxi, my body guards, and my favorite Yankee, Jim. They helped us get rid of all the bad hooks before the tournament.

Yesterday we missed 5 fish. Today we missed 5 fish, but today we only saw 8, so do the math, with only 3 sailfish releases, we let 5 boats get ahead of us, led by the Cerveza who added a dozen sails to their tally. Dolphin fishing was most excellent, caught 14 very aggrivating gaffers.

We need to see a couple of these tomorrow, wish us luck.....

Tournament Report Day 1.

We done good.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Where did this wind come from?

Oddly enough, it's been windy here on the coast. Well, at least it's windy and 80 degrees. Fortunately, where we've been fishing the past week is shielded by the mountains and seas have been calm and fishing has been good, raising about a dozen/day. Nothing red hot, but decent fishing. The tournament starts tomorrow, I'll keep you posted. This crazy weather may just fire off another marlin bite.....

Yes, I remain snookless, although I've tried a couple of times. Stumped my bit toe this morning, taking off about half the nail, bloody mess. I don't think that I'll get another shot wade fishing for the snook for another week or so, until then, I'll be hobbling around.......reminds me of a song....."Blew out my flip flop, stepped on a pop top, cut my heel and had to cruise on back home....NOT"

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Fly pics from the last few days

Berto is looking at a 2nd sailfish that is about to eat Ken's fly that is trailing behind the that's Dragin Fly

cast and blast

No blasts of any kind down here, especially no blasts of cold. Capt. Ray has been doing some casting and blasting, catching a few trout and shoorting a few divers. Hopefully the freeze won't do too much damage to next year's trout fishing, regardless of what happens to the trout, there should be plenty of stripers around.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Offshore fly fishing

Perhaps some day I'll elaborate on the ins and outs of offshore fly fishing for those who have never experienced it. We've been doing it the last two days and both days were very typical.

Yesterday, we're pulling 5 teasers/hookless baits to raise sailfish, tease them to the boat and switch to the fly rod. It's pretty cool fishing, because it all happens right there at your feet, but it's not always easy to do, especially when the fish aren't biting, therefore not very aggressive. All day we raised 4 sails, got one of them to bite the fly and missed it, but with a spinning rod, I talked it into eating a ballyhoo on a circle hook. One for one. We also raised 4 dolphin and got no bites. The other boats around us caught 5-8 sails and a few dolphin, which we feel like we could have done if we were fishing with bait. Pretty slow day.

This morning we start off raising a dolphin that got aggressive enough for us to get a good look at, but not hot enough to eat the fly. Then we raised a sail and another sail that we did get a really good bite out of, but missed. Things were starting to look a lot like the day before, then we got the call.

Danny on the Spanish Fly found another tuna attractor, 7 miles to the south. Within 30 minutes, we were doubled up on 20-30 pound dolphin on the fly. It was pretty incredible, casting a hookless ballyhoo to get the dolphin fired up, then teasing them to the boat where they READILY ate about anything presented. All in all we landed 15 big dolphin, all on the fly. Also about 20 of those pesky yellowfins, from 5-25 pounds, all on the fly. And a nice tuna, wahoo and another big wahoo lost on the deep jigging spinning tackle.

Danny and Marvin each caught a couple of marlin within site of us while live baiting. We only live baited one malin, eating a tuna off of the fly line.

We need a billfish tomorrow......

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

pretty incredible

Yesterday I was able to ride along on the Dragin Fly and we found a lost tuna attractor that had been in the water a while and was covered up with life. All the dolphin you could ever want to catch. Plenty of tuna and wahoo while deep dropping spoons and we caught 2 out of 5 blue marlin on live bait.

Wish that I had taken more pics, but the action was too hot.......for those not on a smiliar type of structure, fishing was decent with a few sail bites and an occassional marlin, still plenty of dolphin for dinner, but I'll be having tuna for lunch. Still sunny and 85.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Left at the right time

Cold up there? Got a little sunburn from trying out my new snook rod yesterday. No bites, but sunny and 85. The boats have been doing good, averaging a marlin a day for the last week. Maybe some pics to follow.