Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Negotiating the price of mud crabs

Although very nice crabs, I think that the crabber got the better end of the deal.

Excellent striped bass fishing with Capt. Greg

and yes there are still some big drum in the riva!

Ashley and trout fishing

If you want to learn about trout fishing, this would be the year to do it and we have just the guy.   Give Melissa a ring at 252-671-3474



Took my casino winnings and put together a last minute charter.  A lot of rain and a lot of casting and 8 hours s later pat and I each got a bite.  Both on spooks.  I missed mine.  This one is dinner.  Along with three mud crabs we bought off a crabber.  Mud crabs are like supersized stone crabs.  

Like a cross between a snook and a tarpon......and yes, they do jump.  
All are born as males and grow up in the estuary, turn to females and go to the ocean to spawn.  They get over 60 pounds. 

All in one day with Capt. Greg

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Lots of spots back home

Picture from Capt. Ray catch from yesterday's 5 boat trip organized by Down East Guide Service

Now some Marlin Porn

See the reef in the background, sometimes the bite came less than 100 yards from the break and in less than 100 ft of water.   
The high boat averaged 2 black marlin releases each day, including 4 over 500 pounds and one of those nearly hitting the half ton mark.   I got to see one of those yesterday, estimated in the teens, way, way over a grand.   That was the one we came for, although I didn't know it at the time.   I have a great new appreciation for what these blokes are doing down here with heavy tackle marlin fishing and why people come from all over the world to do it.  


In the corner


Fish pics to follow, but this place is also about a lot more than the fish