Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Dragin Fly report

 sorry, that post was from Costa Rica

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March 22

 One more great day of fishing 3 for 5 on blue Marlin 5 for 8 on sailfish and 1 big mahi mahi today 

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Capt. Matt Deaton Report

Capt. Matt Deaton report, hopefully we will see some more of this. 

Warm mornings, gobbling turkey’s, topwater baits and hungry trout.  

Spring is here and everything is on the move. 

The fish are making their march towards the river shore from their winter haunts and hungry they are! 

Listening to turkeys gobble while throwing topwaters in the predawn still only to be interrupted by the crash of a  hungry trout.   

As the sun climbs higher in the East the trout slide out a little deeper. Time to switch to a subsurface presentation until they’ve filled their bellies and lose interest.  

It’s time to get while the getting is good!! 

Before we know it the seasons will be changing again.