Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Name is Earl

Drum fishing was epic today, they must be feeding up before the big blow. Capt. Ray found them on top busting schools of menhaden. He and Capt. Brian had them sight casting for almost 3 hours and described it like schools of albacore on bait balls.......hate that I missed it, my guys were running a little late.....but we got what we needed......just no sight casting.

We're fishing tomorrow and Thursday morning, but the boats will be on the trailer by Thursday afternoon. With a glancing blow by Earl we'll be fishing by Friday afternoon, a direct hit.....????

We've been through a lot of hurricanes before. Assuming we have a roof over our head and can get the boats back in the water, we'll be fishing. It's usually just as good after the storm as it is before the storm.

If you are a kayak fisherman.....

.....you might want to check this out:


The boss lady

From Mike and Mike, fishing with Capt. Brian


They look like twins:

Wanna fish in a hurricane?

Well, not really, but a glancing blow could result in unbelievable drum fishing, for the pups, yearlings and the old drum, all mixed up together. I just had a cancellation for the next 3 days, let me know if you want to go!!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

www.iwfa.org and pics from earlier in the week

The ladies of the International Women's Fishing Association and the Down East Guides:
Somebody forgot to put out the anchor:

Tarpon on the leader

Capt. Brian clearing lines and anchors as Lisa's tarpon drags us by his boat

Some of the IWFA ladies and their big drum:

Fishing with dad:

Pics from last week:

Capt. Brian Harrington and Mr. Bill with Mr. T

Friday, August 27, 2010

Double digit days are here

Congrats to Capt. Gary for kicking off the double digit days, he had a two "handful" morning a couple of days ago, calling in the IWFA girls who cleaned up on them. Capt. Ray had a good morning yesterday, but he had to take off his white boots in order to add up all the ones that he caught with the ladies. Mornings or afternoons.....anytime that you can get on the schedule over the next few weeks is a good time to be here.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

IWFA report day 2 and a half

Capt. Gary was out early yesterday and put us in the meat, he met the double digit mark on the big drum with a morning charter.

This morning Capt. Ray was the high boat with 24 citation drum releases on his half day trip, meanwhile Capt. Brian and I each caught a tarpon. Finishing up with a big afternoon.

In two and a half days, the ladies have racked up over 100 puppy drum/yearlings, almost 100 big drum citation releases and 2 tarpon. Pictures and totals to follow.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hunter Dan and day 1 IWFA report

Everyone got a little paperwork yesterday with a few drum and a BIG tarpon release.

Hunter Dan under my watchful eye.....he did a great job with the 130+ pound tarpon that he landed.

Today was day one with 12 ladies from accross the country. We got under way this afternoon, fishing with Capts. Greg, Ray, Brian and me, collectively we caught over 100 yearlings and big drum. That's going to be hard to top!!!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hero Today

Captains Ray, Brian and Greg were also heroes, everyone getting a citation drum for everybody on the boat. Lots of yearlings and an occasional puppy drum that is small enough to make it to dinner. Great day.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Zero today.....

.....well not a total zero, we did catch a dozen 30 inchers, but no big 'uns. Capt. Ray was again the top boat with 8 citation releases, Capt. Brian right behind with 7......I think that I'll be in their chum slick tomorrow night.

I got to be the hero yesterday

Wayne and Pat had another "epic" Down East day yesterday. We had 6 tarpon bites, put 5 in the air and caught all 5. Pat also caught 4 drum as Wayne was finishing up his half of a double header tarpon. These are the same guys who had the big day cobia fishing in May, landing 34 cobes in one day. Hope they never get amnesia, those are a couple of days you don't want to forget......

It had to be the shirt, we were in disguise:

Art and Bill:
Getting it on with a big tarpon

Great Drum shot of Ellis and his pet hog:

Congrats bigtime

Thanks Ray for making bigtime feel like a hero:

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dean and Peter, Capt. Ray hero shots:

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Heroes and Zeroes

You never know which way it's going to be and all of the Down East Guides have had a little of it all the last few days. Ray seems to have had the hot rods, here are some pics form his last couple of days. Capt.s Brian, Gary, Greg and I have had some great days and some days of really struggling.

It really sucks for the guys that I was with the last two days. They started their 3-day trip with Capt. Greg and he was having one of the zero days, fishing hard, but it just wasn't coming together. Meanwhile, I had another party and was able to hook (and lose) two tarpon and catch 3 giant drum. Problem is, the guys I had were not too fired up about tarpon fishing. They had a good time, but they were looking forward to beating the banks. The best fishing along the shoreline is when we have a little wind and current......which we've had a lot of. But the past few days it has been perfect for tarpon fishing, slick calm and the tarpon are showing......and I've got some guys that could care less about tarpon fishing.

No worries, the next day, I've got Greg's party. They had a bad day, but we're going to make it up to them......wrong, they got a zero day again. After fishing with me on day 2 for 13 hours, they're not too fired up about tarpon fishing either. Slick calm, perfect conditions, we started the day seeing a fair number of fish, then they vanish. We did find a school of big drum and sight cast one. The only fish of the day.

Day 3, we're meat fishing and into some action, so I start the day with a livewell full of live shrimp and three hours later, all the coolers are full, 35 black drum in total. We took a long lunch break (I cleaned fish) and were back out on the water, filling our limit with keeper pups and nice pullege with the 35 inch "yearlings"....now setting up for the big drum which is what they really came for......then the thunderstorms ran us off the river.

It's not often you come here and fish three days and only catch 1 big drum.

Some pics from Capt. Ray's trip the last couple of days:

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Getting warmer

The double digit days (of big drum) are fast approaching......any day now. For now, we're enjoying good fishing for puppy drum and yearlings with a scattered big drum and a consistent late afternoon bite with more and more double and triple headers. All the Down East Guides are doing a great job, 5 of us were fishing this afternoon, working well together to keep everyone in the meat.