Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Heroes and Zeroes

You never know which way it's going to be and all of the Down East Guides have had a little of it all the last few days. Ray seems to have had the hot rods, here are some pics form his last couple of days. Capt.s Brian, Gary, Greg and I have had some great days and some days of really struggling.

It really sucks for the guys that I was with the last two days. They started their 3-day trip with Capt. Greg and he was having one of the zero days, fishing hard, but it just wasn't coming together. Meanwhile, I had another party and was able to hook (and lose) two tarpon and catch 3 giant drum. Problem is, the guys I had were not too fired up about tarpon fishing. They had a good time, but they were looking forward to beating the banks. The best fishing along the shoreline is when we have a little wind and current......which we've had a lot of. But the past few days it has been perfect for tarpon fishing, slick calm and the tarpon are showing......and I've got some guys that could care less about tarpon fishing.

No worries, the next day, I've got Greg's party. They had a bad day, but we're going to make it up to them......wrong, they got a zero day again. After fishing with me on day 2 for 13 hours, they're not too fired up about tarpon fishing either. Slick calm, perfect conditions, we started the day seeing a fair number of fish, then they vanish. We did find a school of big drum and sight cast one. The only fish of the day.

Day 3, we're meat fishing and into some action, so I start the day with a livewell full of live shrimp and three hours later, all the coolers are full, 35 black drum in total. We took a long lunch break (I cleaned fish) and were back out on the water, filling our limit with keeper pups and nice pullege with the 35 inch "yearlings" setting up for the big drum which is what they really came for......then the thunderstorms ran us off the river.

It's not often you come here and fish three days and only catch 1 big drum.

Some pics from Capt. Ray's trip the last couple of days: