Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Name is Earl

Drum fishing was epic today, they must be feeding up before the big blow. Capt. Ray found them on top busting schools of menhaden. He and Capt. Brian had them sight casting for almost 3 hours and described it like schools of albacore on bait balls.......hate that I missed it, my guys were running a little late.....but we got what we needed......just no sight casting.

We're fishing tomorrow and Thursday morning, but the boats will be on the trailer by Thursday afternoon. With a glancing blow by Earl we'll be fishing by Friday afternoon, a direct hit.....????

We've been through a lot of hurricanes before. Assuming we have a roof over our head and can get the boats back in the water, we'll be fishing. It's usually just as good after the storm as it is before the storm.