Thursday, December 10, 2015

Beautiful day on the water

I've been stuck in the office the last few days, even last week in Costa Rica I couldn't get out on the water.   Cabin fever set in and I needed some breeze in my face and moving water under my feet so yesterday I went for a ride in the skiff up around New Bern.   After hitting a couple of my old time favorite spots without a bite, I was wishing that I had received some intel from some of the Down East Guides who are on the water several days of the week.   I did end up finding a stretch of bank with a mixed bag of striped bass, speckled trout and a largemouth bass.

Couple hours in the office today and I'm going for a ride in the tower boat to see if there is anything living on the shoals.......

I hope to get out there from time to time before migrating south for the season, if I want to do more catching, I'll most likely end up riding along with one of the Down East Guides who are more in the know than I am......

Give us a ring if you want to shake some of that cabin fever.   Get you a good half day for $450 for you and 2 of your friends.    If it's just you and you've got to go, give us a ring and we'll see if we can get you rigged up.

Capt. George