Monday, January 20, 2020

anyone want to fish a billifsh tournament?

Got a couple of openings in the next two legs.

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Very slack on reports

You get all you want by sitting on the jon in the morning looking at facebook.   Guess what?   The trout are biting and they may just make it thorugh the winter.   If you want to go, we've got some guides who can get you out there.

Meanwhile, we have been busy the last couple of weeks with some billfish tournaments.  Nothing dramatic, but consistent daily catches keeping us in the hunt which feels a lot better than out to lunch.   Fishing here is mixed, kind of tough with the billifish, still almost daily shots at marlin and a handful of sails on most days, others a little more and some days less.  some dorado around and the tunas have saved a lot of days.   All in all, we've been making it happen.

Now that we've got a break from the tourneys, Anna and I will be reaching out about reconfirming trips on the books for NC 2020 and confirming those reservations with deposits.   If you are not on the books or are unsuure, now would be a good time to reach out.

All the best from the tropics,

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

almost as big as a tarpon

Churchill Brown


All the best from the tropics.  Before Anna and I arrived, we had the opportunity to have lunch with Jim Copland who informed us.  We were both shocked at the news of the passing of your father.   He was a fine example of a true southern gentleman who loved the fine things in life and he received some of his greatest joy by treating and sharing those things with the ones he loved.   It was my pleasure to help bring some value along the way.   

He loved being a part of it all, even and especially if that meant sitting in a porch chair watching the storm instead of being out in the storm.   He took things at his own pace and enjoyed every minute of life and every fish.   It was not a competition for him and all the guides loved fishing with him.

I am so sorry for your sudden loss and my heart reaches out to you.  

Thursday, January 9, 2020

for those who use Barden's Inlet........

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

He appreciated every one of them. Another loss of a great fisherman and friend

        Thank you for some epic trips. My dad really had some struggles the last couple of times that he fished with you, myself, Christian and Murphy. It was his dream to try to make it back to Cape Lookout to fish one last time. The last few years on him took its toll, especially the COPD. I just wanted to tell you that he always thought you were a stand-up guy. He thought a lot of you and loved to pick at you. Sometimes he was worried that he may have said the wrong thing and aggravated you. But if he hadn’t of liked and respected you he would not have picked at you. He appreciated how hard you worked to make a person on you boat have the experience of a life time. He told me many times after we had returned from a trip with you “ Do you know he did not stop all day long! He was continuously moving”. He caught the biggest fish of his life with you one evening. And so far it’s the biggest fish we have caught with you. He kept saying to me “ I caught the biggest fish, you didn’t catch one that big.” We started home the next morning and stopped in Bayboro to get some breakfast. He was messing with me about the fish he had caught. ( We were always picking at one another ) So I told him if I heard one more word about that damn fish that I was going to let him out of the truck and not even my mother could find him in the eastern part of the state. He acted like he zipped his mouth shut and hardly spoke from Bayboro to McCleansville. Which is just west Burlington, N.C. As soon as we walked into his house the first words out of his mouth to my mom was “ Honey, I did it again, I caught the biggest fish.” “ Someone had to show them how to catch fish.” In jest, “ I told him that I knew I should have left him on the side of the road.” Again I want to thank you for the memories. It’s been an honor and a privilege to fish with you through the years. He thought of you as a friend. It didn’t really matter about the fish, but it was the experience and the fellowship, the time that was spent out on the water. God bless you and Anna. May your seas be calm and your lines tight. Until I see you again my friend.
       Thanks for all you’ve done,

Monday, December 30, 2019

This picture tells a lot

Sunday, December 29, 2019

rode along looking for a bluefin

Did not see one, but plenty of red under the bait balls.......groupers and a bucket of bass for dinner


I hear your frustration and I appreciate you reaching out to me.   I agree with you that NCDMF along with other acronyms involved with fishery  management need to wake up and listen to the voice of those anglers who fund their agencies with their fishing license dollars.

It is unacceptable for recreational anglers to be submitted to moratoriums and closed seasons when the reality is that these unfair and unproductive regulations are imposed on recreational anglers only for political leverage to implement more meaningful regulations on other sectors.

The recent recreational flounder moratorium, reduction in bluefish regulation to 3 fish, ridiculous red snapper rules,  pitiful one  fish limit for red drum and weakfish,  the recent striped bass moratorium on the Neuse, the decade long moratorium on Cape Fear River stripers and the recreational river herring harvest are all examples of how recreational anglers have unnecessarily been sacrificed in the name of “fairness”. 

Although I have often disagreed with their strategies, the Coastal Conservation Association CCA-NC, is the group of recreational anglers who has been most effective in lobbying for healthier fisheries.   With the help of a half million voices, they would surely be more effective in implementing change and better at supporting recreational anglers through the process.  

I am thankful that you are fired up and hope that you will reach out to David Sneed, who is copied here, and offer how you can help them reach that half million membership goal and other ways to maximize your voice in the process.

All the very best and many thanks for reaching out,

ᴖᴗ ᴖᴗ ᴖᴗ < °)))>< ᴖᴗ ᴖᴗᴖᴗ <°)))>< ᴖᴗ ᴖᴗ ᴖᴗ < °)))><
Down East Guide Service
1907 Paulette Road
Morehead City NC 28557
ᴖᴗ ᴖᴗ ᴖᴗ < °)))>< ᴖᴗ ᴖᴗᴖᴗ <°)))>< ᴖᴗ ᴖᴗ ᴖᴗ < °)))><

From: brian 
Sent: Saturday, December 28, 2019 2:14 PM
Subject: Recreational Fishing

My name is Brian and live in NC. I'm a saltwater recreational fisherman and have quite a few friends that are also. We are very concerned with the new regulations that are being imposed on rec fishing by the NCDMF. We've been fishing Cape Lookout for 25+ years and are having a hard time understanding how rec fishing is hurting the fish population. We are looking for any guidance or organizations we could become a part of so NCDMF is hearing the voice from all of NC's rec fishermen and women. We see it as there may be a lot of politics involved. 
I personally feel like my GOD given rights are being taken away. I know one letter to NCDMF is not going very far, but the voice of half a million may.
Look forward to hearing from you.


Friday, December 27, 2019

ray's day today

pics from CR

slack reports

Wow, I have been slack with the reports.   fishing is still great, lots of trout and stripers and pups.   If the freeze don't get 'em, it's going to be an amazing year.

EJW offshore school

Friday, December 13, 2019


I am not sure what reaction the users of a pool in CR would have with a croc in it,  However, I can say (statue of limitations in play) that a snapping turtle the size of a trash can lid 
will keep the kiddies out,  Said turtle being a native of Halifax Co the day before was NOT happy relocating to a Cary apartment pool.

Fair Winds,   Anonymous

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

well that's a first

Not nearly as big as the one Ray had chasing his popping cork a couple years ago, but big enough to run down a zara spook.   I knew what it was, waking out of the mangroves and I could have taken it away from him.....naw, I couldn't.   Hooked and landed.   About as long as my leg  but still small enough to make that baby-croc-in-distress call, which got me taking a look for bigger wakes coming from the mangroves.    I thought seriously about releasing it in one of the Los Suenos pools. 

Monday, December 9, 2019

What did you do yesterday?

I hooked a blue marlin and hooked a sailfish and I got to harpoon a 180 pound yellowfin.

Friday, December 6, 2019

Trout fishign with Capt. Chris

Great and great!  Fished for about three hours and caught 15-20 NICE Trout.  I weighed one at 6 1/2  pounds.  Most were in the 3-4 range.  Perfect Kenny fishing day!

As always, thanks for getting me set up!!

----Kenny M.

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

30 minute stop with Capt. Chris

Pretty good bottom fishing today.  That new trolling motor Chris has is deadly 

Sunday, November 24, 2019

You know you are getting old when......

you have pictures from back when you were running a Mercury.


"much better day today we slammed out today catch 2 blues 1 stripes Marlin 2 sailfish and 3 mahi mahi awesome day of fishing" 

That was from Capt. James and the Dragin Fly yesterday. 

I'm attempting to put a little red meat in the freezer. 

As you can see with social media blowing up, there are a lot of trout around and fishing has been good.   We just had a two boat trip with Capt. Ashley King and Capt. Allen Heath.   They did a great job, with pics. 

I have heard no good albie reports since the last blow, but when things settle down, I'm sure something will fire off, big drum, bluefins and/or bottom fish. 

We're still here if you want to go.   Shoot me an e mail