Sunday, February 28, 2021

Good charter fishing

 Yesterday was a good charter day, nice tuna, nice wahoo and 9 sails. 

It was NOT a good tournament day or tournament for us, but we did have a great time.  

Good to know that our fun meter is not directly proportionate to our standings in billfish tournaments.

Meanwhile in NC, the shad are biting.   That's something.    

Friday, February 26, 2021

I think we need to get the ladies to fish for us

 no cameras waiting for us when we get back to the dock. 

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Los Suenos Ladies

 The ladies had another great day yesterday with the 2nd leg of the Los Suenos Ladies Billfish Series. 

They jumped in front early with Anna's marlin release and stayed in the lead until the last hour, ending up in 2nd place for the day and now 4th for the series. 

hopefully the guys will get some shots this weekend.....

Tuesday, February 23, 2021


 Anna and the ladies had a great last day, solidifying them for 5th place, just a few fish off the podium. 

Great performance with an 88 percent hook up ratio their last day.  wow.  Hope the "boys" have picked up a few tricks for Leg 2 this weekend, meanwhile the girls are at it again in Leg 2 of the Los Suenos Ladies Tournament. 

Friday, February 19, 2021

Ladies with a double digit day

 Good for 6th place in the ladies Pescadora billfish tournament out of Quepos. 

Big hill to climb tomorrow, but every day is different here in Costa Rica.

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

inshore fishing

It was reallly good to be a part of this one yesterday.   

An equally giant roosterfish ate a snapper I had on my line earlier in the day. 

Really amazing day of fishing on the Wing Man.   Handful of nice roosters and a whole bunch of other stuff including 3 different species of snappers. 

Friday, February 12, 2021

trout not gone yet

 Hopefully we will remain below the freeze/ice line. 

So far, so good. 

Greg caught 20 or more with little effort yesterday

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Meanwhile, to whose day i took today

  I caught a sailfish on the fly yesterday.    Thank you to whoever it was who had this day booked but was afflicted by some variant of the Coronapanic.   Sucks for you.  

 After catching my sailfish on the fly and hooking and losing another one,  I should have quit while I was ahead.  We caught a bunch of bottom fish of all shapes, sizes and colors.    Along the way we filled the livewell with sardines and loaded tinker mackerals in the tuna tubes, carrying them 10 miles offshore to hand feed them to 50 pound tuna.   I hate you missed it. 

Please let me know when you can reschedule, our 2022 calendar is starting to get busy. 


From Hugh

 The below is from Hugh.   Hugh just went to Costa Rica and had a great time.   Hugh caught a bunch of sailfish, tunas and more.  Hugh did all the tours and ate in the greatest restaurants.  Hugh experienced no lines and there was no traffic on his trip, not anywhere, not even at the airport.  

"Thank you Anna, Trip home could not have gone any smoother. Any of your clients that have any questions prior to going I’ll be happy to share my experience." 

Saturday, February 6, 2021

Cold yet?

 Just wanted you to remind you that sunshine kills Corona.   All good here in the tropics with things getting back to normal.   Now if the US would just get their head out of the sand and make it easier to get home.  Currently a negative covid test or doctor proof that you have had and recovered within the last 90 days.....but all that can change anytime. 

Shoot us an e mail for the latest

What is consistent this year is the fishing.    The current has been shoving bait right up on the bank with double digit sailfish days within 15 miles of the marina.  Yes, there are some marlins swilling around with them and almost daily shots.   

Also up on the bank have been schools of caballas or what we would call jumbo cigar minnows.   As we are trolling for the sails a double sabiki rig is at the ready and deployed when we find a bait ball. 

If you hit it the mark, as the sabiki comes to the surface it looks like a string of Christmas lights.   If you can get them up before a sailfish attacks, these cigar minnows are like candy to the tunas.   Not into tugging on tunas?  Ok, take a few minutes and drop some down on our high speed bottom fishing reels to catch a grill-sized snapper for dinner. 

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Great fishing continues in Costa Rica

Consistent double digit days
Good tournament fishing, check out the report at 
Thankfully some are willing to come and jump through the hoops, which are really not that bad and Anna made easy. 

Friday, January 15, 2021

Roanoke River Striped Bass Season one week only at Weldon

 Upper River open season (above 258 Bridge at Scotland Neck): April 24th – April 30th.

Lower River open season (below 258 Bridge at Scotland Neck): April 10th – April 16th.

 These weeks (Saturday through Friday on the calendar this year) were picked because the harvest in each zone on these dates is the highest we’ve seen on average over the last nine years. The season changes were made because the quota was reduced from 68,750 pounds to 12,800 pounds.

Thursday, January 14, 2021

more hoops. Epic fishing

 More hoops through which to jump but EPIC fishing awaits those who are willing

 After 9 months of pointless Costa Rica travel restrictions the USA is now taking the lead in dumb ass rules that do nothing but stifle tourism and small business. 

As of Jan. 26 a negative COVID test is required to enter the USA.   No problem making that happen on our end down here.  Testing is on site and available here at Los Suenos with results within 24 hours. 

This unfortunate restriction will not slow the ongoing spread of the China virus in the US but it is very effective at discouraging travel, which I guess is the point? 

As a result of this new bone-head restrcition, we have plenty of last minute openings on the Dragin Fly. 

Book 3 days and get a 4th day FREE. 

Friday, January 8, 2021

short day in Costa Rica


Short day quit fishing at noon catch 4 sailfish 1 mahi mahi 2 yellow fin tuna and 1 blue marlin

Our calendar is like playing "Whack A Mole"  .  Coronapanic cancellations and vaccine rebookings have given us very rare scattered openings during the peak season. 

Great deals on conods, stay a week but only pay for 5 nights at reduced Green Season rates. 

Seamount season is looking good, we are completely booked for seamount trips from mid-june through mid-August but we still have openings May/early June and later in August through mid-November which is typically the peak of our seamount season and opporutnity for double digit days on blue marlin. 

Sunday, January 3, 2021

Costa Rica reports, wish you were there? Don't let the Coronapanic slow you down.

  Jan. 2 "slowed down for us a little, we catch 2 sailfish and 3 doroadon and 2 yellowfins and had a blue marlin on for a few minutes but pulled him off". 

Jan. 1 "we just fished a half day, raised 6 blue marlin and caught 2 and a bunch of dorado" 

Dec. 31  "What a way to end the year, 6 for 6 on blue marlin and 6 for 8 sailifsh and 2 mahi mahi" 

Dec. 30  "we catch 3 blue marlin, 5 sailfish and 3 mahi mahi" 

Dec. 29  "A little better today, catch 2 blue marlin and 6 sailfish and 6 tunas" 

Dec. 28 "Not too good with the hooking today, we missed 2 blue marllin and raised 10 sailfish, caught 4 of them" 

Dec. 27 "fishing seems to be picking up, we were 8 for 9 on sails today" 

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

One day of blue marlin fishing


December Report from the Seamounts:


December Report from the Seamounts:

We released our first blue marlin with the sun only three fingers over the horizon of Costa Rica’s seamounts.  After chugging all night, we had hopes of great things that can happen during the hours on either side of twilight.

Prior to departing the afternoon before, Capt. James and crew introduced our clients to a  blue marlin, sailfish and a bunch of tunas.   Had we traveled all night for something that can be found right out front?    


That question was answered halfway through my first cup of coffee when something sipped the ballyhoo on the right long and the line fell out of the clip.   When everything came tight with a 300 plus pound blue marlin jumping into the sunrise it was absolutely certain that we were in the right place at the right time.  


 Halfway through gallo pinto, local salsichas, and scrambled eggs another smaller blue was on the left teaser and eagerly switched to a bonito pitchbait.  An hour after this release, a triple header of blue marlin was chewing baits in the spread.   We hooked two, but only landed one of them.  


By 10 am we had seen 9 marlin, gotten bites from 7 and landed 5.   The afternoon bite slowed a bit, but we did catch a couple more.    The nighttime show on and above the water was amazing.   We caught a couple of buckets of calamari under a moonless sky, bright with stars, both fixed and falling.    


No bites from the swordfish on our overnight drift of about 12 miles.  The water pushing us along was at least 5 degrees cooler and greener from when we pulled lines out the evening before.   Nonetheless we put out our marlin spread and headed back to the underwater mountain tops.   Apparently the marlins from the day before had moved on and so did we.  After three hours of pulling lines during prime time without seeing a billfish we loaded the live well and bait tubes in search of a school of tuna on the ride home.   We found them.


Nothing in fishing is certain, not even in Costa Rica and not even at the seamounts or any other must do destination.   For this reason we recommend booking multiple days.   We got lucky.