Thursday, August 5, 2010

Those 16 hour days really make you appreciate a 12 hour day

It was a long one yesterday wtih two LONG half days. Morning trip wanted a mixed bag, which they got, but only after some presuasion. The light tackle fishing is tough for us on the big boats when the wind isn't blowing. No power pole, no trolling motor means no sneaking up on the fish and quietly positioning the boat. Capt. Joe Ward and Capt. Gary Dubiel and Capt. Charlie Brown are rigged up for the windless days, but Capts. Ray, Greg, Brian and I need a little wind so we can put some chum out and let the fish come to us.

Despite the tough conditions (slick calm isn't normally what you think of as tough conditions) I fished 5 different spots and had 6 bites which included an inshore slam, four keeper pups, a nice keeper flounder and a 5 1/2 pound trout.

I broke down and just could not take it anymore, knowing that the tarpon were out there waiting for me and the greenhead flies waiting for all of us every time we stopped the boat. I made a hard left turn and went out in the deep. Not exactly what my party was planning, but it worked out. Capt. Greg found the mother load, I mean A LOT of tarpon, as many as I've seen in a long time. We idled into the middle of them and before the anchor swung tight and I got about half the rods deployed we were hooked up, landing the tarpon just in time for me to get back to the dock, clean fish, spray the "funk" off the boat and pick up my afternoon crowd.

We arrived at the scene of the crime just in time to see plenty of fish and get in position before the 25 knot SW Gale set in upon us......too much wishing for wind in the morning. The ripples turned into white caps, then waves, but we had fish in our baits until things got so rough that our anchor broke lose. We never saw one after repositioning.

Capt. Greg took advantage of the rough conditions and had a great afternoon with the pups and yearlings, we opted out of the light tackle stuff and went after the big 'uns, having caught them the last several afternoons. No bites. Got back to the dock around 10 pm.

Hero in the morning, zero in the afternoon.