Sunday, August 8, 2010

Three Boat-fulls of Gamecocks

Ray, Brian and I had three boat-fulls of South Carolina Gamecocks the last couple of days, trying to show them what a spot-tail bass really looks like....with mixed results.

Day 1 Ray had a good day with the pups and yearlings, some of the 30+ inchers that Ray caught were the biggest that they had seen. Brian went in search of silver with no luck, but ended the day with everyone landing at least one citation red drum. I tried to mix it up with my half day, catching 3 pups, 3 30+ inch yearlings and one old drum.

Day 2 Brian and I both went looking for silver.....and found them several times, but each time we put the anchor down, they disappeared, no bites. In the afternoon Brian was able to repeat his performance, catching 6 big drum, I never had a bite. Long day for me.......I mean a really long day. Capt. Ray was steady in the action, starting with a slow morning, but finishing up strong with the pups and yearlings.

Everyone was super pleased with Capt. Ray and Capt. crowd "appreciated the effort"......

Thanks to all of our South Carolina brothers and sisters, we thoroughly enjoyed spending time with all of you.