Saturday, August 1, 2009


After three days of tarpon fishing, having tarpon around the boat and getting very few bites, I have been due and very much ready for some "satisfaction". Even after unconvincingly winning the tarpon tournament this past weekend, I was not satisfied.

I got a little satisfaction this afternoon. First a quadruple header of big drum but the bite died so I made a move. Within two bait changes we were hooked up with a tarpon. After landing, photos and taking a DNA sample, we got the rigs back out. We quickly hooked a 2nd tarpon which turned into a double header as a rod on the opposite side of the boat with our third tarpon.

Two and a half hours of fishing, 4 big drum and 3 tarpon. That was satisfaction.

Capt. Brian was getting a little satisfaction up the road a piece, catching several big drum and a surprise tarpon. A couple miles away, Capt. Ray was making the day with the big drum.