Monday, July 27, 2009

Day 2 A three-way tie, we win on time, retirement, next year

Well, I'm humbled to say that our one tarpon caught at 9:05 on Saturday was enough to win the tournament.

It was still anyone's tournament to win on Sunday. Any of the 50 boats would have walked away with the tournament by catching a double header. Gene Wooster, last year's winner or Harry Ireland each caught one fish on Saturday, a fish on Sunday would have been enough for them to win.

Unfotunatley, the tarpon just didn't cooperate. Very few fish showed on Sunday and even less were biting. It was one of those days that they just weren't going to bite.

I don't know which is worse, having fish around the boat, but they won't bite (Saturday) or not seeing any fish around the boat and they still don't bite (Sunday).

After winning the tournamnet for a 4th time, I have decided to retire from the tarpon tournament. I will not be fishing the tarpon tournament next year....but I do want to work with the Rotary Club to promote this tournament and increase participation.

I would appreciate your thoughts and suggestions on how we can make next year's event a big one.

The dates next year are July 24 and 25. I hope to see you there.