Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Tarpon Report

Well, I still haven't caught one. Spent 2 good days of effort and caught an old drum and jumped one tarpon off after 3 jumps. Yesterday, I looked very hard, for very long and never saw a scale.

I heard rumors of tarpon in bait balls from MHC to Topsail. I went looking today. Yes, I have the bug bad. Cloudy and dirty water along the beach, I did find a bait ball and headed offshore. 9 grouper, 5 nice sea bass, PLENTY of sharks and 3 aj's, all drifting very small menhaden.

Coming back to Oriental, we took a look around....another one of those 12 hour days......and we did see a couple of fish, but didn't get a "reaction".

Going at 'em again tomorrow.

Damn fish.