Saturday, July 25, 2009

day 1 tarpon tourney report

Although A LOT of fish have been seen this week, they didn't show today. 50 boats and only 4 boats hooked tarpon, fortunately, we were one of them and are currently tied for first place.

Capt. Brian Harrington and "Never Enough" are fishing with me......a dream team......a nightmare more like it. The intensity level is cranked up pretty tight. When seeing the scoreboard, we were shocked to find that only 3 fish were caught and so few boats saw fish. We had them around our boat and within our lines for most of the day.

There is nothing, let me make this clear. There is NOTHING more frustrating than to have tarpon rolling so close to the boat that you can see their eyes and look down their mouths.......and they just won't bite.

They are only forcing us to become better fishermen.

This week I have been around A LOT of tarpon and I've seen a lot of tarpon caught right next to me.

I'm ready for some payback.