Thursday, March 28, 2013

Back to reality

The days leading up to the full moon were double digits, even caught a marlin.   Berto and Marcos were so confident that they encouraged James to take a day off and let them run the boat.   I came a long to supervise and sancochoed the only bite that we had.  Sure missed James.  He was none too happy when we rolled in the dock about an hour and a half past "normal".   Fortunately the water is clean and there are some fish around.  Two days ago when we got skunked, we watched Bubba on the Tijereta finish off a double digit day.....we all have a better appreciation for James, must be more to it than just driving the boat around.   Inshore fishing around Los Suenos has fired off with the sardines hitting the beach, good bottom fishing yesterday on the Dragin Fly.

Anna and I are on the way back to the alternate universe.  I hear that it's pretty dreary.  No snook from the beach for me this year......maybe next time.  I'm convinced that it's because I just haven't had that many fishing buddies that can stand up to the heat, the sun and waste deep with the crocs.