Tuesday, March 19, 2013

found someone who can throw a cast net

Yup, Capt. Roy and his brother have got it figured out.   One or two throws with a 12+ foot cast net and they're rigged up on bait with the bigger boats begging or trying to snag one or two at a time with sabiki rigs.

There is no telling how many snook that he's caught from that pink panga, including one world record.   We caught 5 today, I released the two that I caught and made Roy and Rudy smile.  Here are shots of a couple that didn't make it.  

First up, we got a double header snook/rooster, both trophy fish, few more snook for dinner then in search of jacks and mackerel on poppers.  Very cool morning.  Oh, and a couple nice triple tail.

Next year we are going to be making this inshore adventure a regular part of the packages that we offer.    Bring plenty of sun screen, this is fishing with the locals, no shade. As my time here winds down, I've been snookered by the snook and have yet caught one from the beach.  I hope that I get another shot at them......back on the Dragin Fly tomorrow.  How's the weather up there?   About time to come home I guess......

Before:                                                                       After: