Thursday, March 14, 2013

Day 1 Report

Without giving too much away......we had enough bites today.   The good Lord and King James gave us shots throughout the day, but we just couldn't keep them connected, either flat out missing or jumping off enough to be right there at the top.  

We're sitting in 17th place out of 40 boats with 8 sailfish releases, behind the leaders with a total of 14 sails.  

For the two-tournament series, we are still in the lead, but nervously watching other boats catch up.   Capt. Tony on the Rebel caught 10 sails today, cutting our lead for the series to 8 sails.  

There is a lot of time before this tournament is over, time for us to catch up......and time for others to catch up with us.

Hope that we can do better for James tomorrow.