Saturday, March 16, 2013

On the way to the awards ceremony......

We lost the battle, but won the war.   Things looked pretty bleak with our 12 sailfish lead for the two tournament series dwindled down to 4, then we caught a double header and picked away, enough to win the overall series by 9 or 10 sails....haven't seen the latest results, but we were 5 sailfish away from being in contention for this tournament.   A slow start got us, with only 2 for 5 by late this  morning, we ended up 15 for 22 bites for the day, 15 for 21 yesterday and 8 for 20 on day 1.

Really close finish for the top 3 boats, Sea Fix, Uno Mas, Sea Angel all separated by 1 fish or time.

Details in the morning, but it feels good to again be competitive.