Friday, February 8, 2013


Same place, same time, more snook chasing mullets and I got a bite.....actually, I got a huge wake behind my topwater bait and a giant swirl as the snook refused my lure.   I will be back with another lure to try tomorrow.   They're making me crazy, but I'm getting closer.

After I got my bite, I saw some big splashes coming from the sea wall about 100 yards away.  I sprinted over there, thinking that my snook had dodged me and was working down the beach, running mullet against the rocks.   Just as I get into position, another big splash a long cast away to my right.  I immediately fire my topwater to the scene and I am mythed and stunned at why I didn't get at the least a reaction.....then Berto and Marcos pop up from behind some big rocks........they were throwing rocks in the water, imitating a big snook boiling on mullets.  

It's bad enough when the snook are messing with my head........