Thursday, January 31, 2013

January Argentina Dove Hunt Reports

Hey George, 

We definitely had a blast down there. As expected the shooting was great. The lodge, staff, food, drinks, etc... we're top notch-- couldn't of asked for better. I'll send you some pictures when I download them off my camera. We expected the shooting to be superb but the amenities were way above our expectations. With only being three of us, it was fairly quite but I'm sure a large group down there would be a good time. 

I honestly don't have any critiques of the place. They obviously have their operation dialed in and I hope to be able to get down there again sometime in the next few years. ------Anthony


I wanted to tell you what a great time I had in Argentina.  The folks at Pampa Adventures are first class.  The sky was truly black with birds.  The food was first class and they treated me like I was made of spun gold.

I have a few suggestions for first timers that might be helpful.  Not at all critical but helpful.

You might want to caution first timers that they can easily shoot 100 boxes of shells if they don't show restraint in the field.  Really well worth it, but pricey.  Just forewarn them.  

My experience with everyone that I contact with in Argentina was great.  They were helpful, kind and warm.  They seemed genuinely glad to see the hunters and could not do enough for us.  Any request was attended to with expediency and a smile.

I can recommend this hunt to anyone without reservation.  Jorge and Nacho were at an off-road race somewhere down in Patagonia and Thomas himself attended to us.  He is a remarkable gentleman and intriguing to talk with.

Thanks a million.-------john