Thursday, February 7, 2013

sailfish report and my snook report

Just as things were slowing down a little bit, James and boys found a different bite and put up a heavy double digit day.....went back today to find them and it wasn't happening.

Meanwhile, I was chest deep at daylight.  Got some great pics of the crocs.....but not in my snook hole.  I threw a top water for about 45 minutes, no bites, no signs of life other than the mullets that were gathering and starting to flip.  I got my cast net loaded up, waded out there and was just about to throw the net when a nice 15-20 pounder started crashing the mullets right in front of me.  I ran back to the beach and traded for a fishing rod, another 30 minutes of casting, nothing.  

Time to see the guys off on the boat, then with an hour to kill, I headed back to the beach, quickly loading my floating livewell with a half dozen perfect sized mullets.   No snooks, but the roosterfish hit the beach and gave me a quick bites.  Maybe tomorrow.