Sunday, January 27, 2013

snook, surf competitions and boring fishing

No good snook report, although I've done some daylight recon to check out the croc lairs and new snook holes.  I guess the tide wasn't right, but I got a little local intel that I hope to soon put to good use.

Anna was a little bummed out at the Saturday surf competitions at the Backyard.  She doesn't have much interested in surfing, but sure does enjoy the sunset....when the competition is over and the surfers come out of the water to shower in front of the crowd.......This Saturday was "Seniors Saturday"....only over 50 surfers allowed in the competition......Sorry Anna

The sailfishing remains super consistent to the point that guys are getting "bored".  After several sailfish releases per person, they're looking for dinner, taking advantage of the great bottom fishing that we're having this year.  Tomorrow, they're heading out for a marlin.  No telling what they'll run into, hopefully some tuna.  I'm ready for sushi.