Saturday, July 28, 2012

Very fun day

It's a good year of tarpon fishing when you catch a couple of NC tarpon and say it was a "decent" day.  Over the past few years, that would have been exceptional, but it seems like this year, catches of a couple tarpon/day is more common than in recent memory.    We caught a couple today, along with several other boats, including Capt. Greg of the Down East tarpon guides and  Derek Kingfish  along with the Bull Pen, Henry "Big Dipper" and another boat that I didn't catch the name.  Also catching fish with other jump offs was Dan "Tag a Long"  and a couple other unidentified boats.   It was good to see 10 boats working together and all courteous, polite and generous.....and everyone getting bites.   It wasn't fast and furious, but a stead pick.....and a very fun day.

Pics from our last double header....and our first a lottery ticket Wilbur.