Monday, July 16, 2012

Congrats Tom Cat

Gene Wooster with Mobile East Marine  Phil Ambler put together an "invitation only" tarpon tournament this past weekend with the best tarpon fishermen in the area.  All the competitors reported big schools of tarpon cruising in between their lines pretty much all day.  Fishermen were scattered from Clubfoot Creek to Brant Island Shoals and EVERYONE was in the meat, but it was one of those days that they just were not biting.   Acting like tarpon?  Or are they just waiting for me to get home?

Congrats to Brynn on the Tom Cat who convinced one to bite and caught him, winning the first Oriental Invitational Tarpon Tournament.  Hope to be a part of it next year......

On this end, I made it to Atlanta, spending a few days with the inlaws in Miami before heading to Costa Rica on "business".  Will be back on the water first of next week and I am pumped, primed and ready to try my hand at the poons.