Saturday, July 21, 2012

Nice note

 "I cannot begin to express how hard Capt. Brian worked to get us on a tarpon. This was our second trip with Brian Tarpon Fishing. This year, for 12 and1/2 hours, I believe he took Guiding ,Searching and Fishing to another level. Even though we didn’t catch any tarpon we did see some rolling and that makes it a success, at least for us. Tarpon fishing is a another ball game from any other fishing I ‘ve tried, but I believe one of the biggest obstacle to overcome is finding fresh bait. Fortunately, Brian had plenty of fresh bait. With just a little bit said, We will be back to fish with Brian and Down East Guide Service. This is our third trip with DEGS and the amount of information and techniques we’ve learned has helped us with other fishing in the same waters. Thanks Again for the great accommodations and experienced guides. We will be in touch!!!!!!!!"   
-----Jim E.