Sunday, July 22, 2012

Pics from the last week

These pics sum up my crazy week, quite a diversity of shots.....  In Argentina we hunted two different duck lodges, always trying to improve on what we have to offer.....
 The "bird boys" below are pretty tuned in.  These guys are true professional guides, recognizing changing conditions and making adjustments to insure that all of our guests had the best opportunities for safe, comfortable, successful and authentic wild duck hunts, 
At the second lodge that we hunted, we saw some evidence of baiting....which is completely legal ....
....and very effective.....
Then a couple days of dove hunting, no they aren't blackbirds in the below shot, just thousands upon thousands of doves.....all you could ever want. 
From Argentina to Naples, FL  for a couple days of R and R with Anna........and her mom
With several pressing business meetings in Costa Rica, I slipped down there for a couple of days....after all was done with the lawyers, accountants, hotels and condos, I did find time to get out on the Dragin Fly to make sure that everything was running right.....yup, still raising fish

Plenty of billfish around, but with no tuna or dolphin for dinner, we stopped on the way home and did some bottom fishing, here are some representatives of the different species that we caught....they turned out to be very tasty. 

 Made it back to Miami yesterday, just in time to for a big fat Cuban wedding, Anna's cousin got married.  We made it back from the wedding just in time to catch a flight back to NC......4:00 am is going to come early.  
After several weeks on the road, thousands of miles by land, sea and air....from Montana to Argentina and several tropical latitudes in between......there's no place like home.
Look out tarpon, here I come.