Saturday, January 27, 2018

trout freeze. Got reports?

Kind of hard to get a handle on the trout freeze, reports are varied.  Below is from a really good trout fishermen from Oriental.  I give a lot of weight to his reply to my question about how bad was the trout freeze.    Got any reports?  Pics?   

"ALOT of trout were/are deep way upriver on the Neuse and Trent.  I have been out several times, and only saw a few scattered floaters. Not much was observed locally in the shallower creeks, but it was so cold that I think that anything that got caught in 6' or less ended belly up.  In my opinion, we have not seen many dead trout in the local creeks because they got absolutely HAMMERED by the netters, and there were not many trout left for the freeze to kill.

This year, much like the old drum, a large number of our fish moved upriver to around New Bern this fall.  Since it was already cold, they were already deep and didn't have any trouble sliding from 15' to 25' to stay out of the extreme cold. 
I have been out several times, and caught several pups, and two slot drum, with the largest being 24".  Rock, white perch, crappie, etc... are all biting well and a few trout are starting to be caught as well.  As that water warms up a little more, I think you will see many more trout being caught in the mixed bag. 
I think we will have a better spring than many people are thinking right now." 

I hope Stu is correct in his observations, the current closure on speckled trout harvest will allow the fish that did survive the freeze to reproduce and get us started on the right track.