Thursday, January 11, 2018

Roanoke River ging to be bright this year

The freeze is not a bad thing for the stripers, but has put a hurt on the trout.  As you can see from Mitch's report below, it is not too early or too cold to have good fishing. 

A couple of super year classes will have large numbers of keeper fish on the upper Roanoke starting in mid April.    Our calendar is getting full and we recommend advance reservations.

From now through April 15 we are offering full days on the lower Roanoke for $600. 

After April 15 long half days with bait are $600 on the upper Roanoke.  
Eight hour full days with bait are $800
Split days, morning with bait, afternoon on artificials are $900
If you book one trip,  you can come in the afternoon before for an afternoon half day with artificial/fly for $450.