Monday, January 15, 2018

Party like a Rock Star

I went down to Quepos to make sure that the Dragin Fly arrived and got checked into the marina prior to the 2nd Annual Rock Star tournament.    Turns out that the team who chartered the boat needed and extra angler......I just happened to be availalbe.    As we signed up for the tournament I suggested that we also  sign up for the tuna money. 

Day 1 we only caught a blue marlin and a sail which kept us in the running for the billfish division but the 30 pound tuna we caught was good for 3rd place in that category. 

Day 2 we start off with a pair of sails and a blue marlin.  After catching the blue, James picks up and runs to a school of tuna to catch a quick fish before heading back to the billfish.   This is a brave move, but considering that only 5 boats caught tuna the day before, with another 30 pounder, we could lock up that tuna cash.  We quickly caught another 30 pounder, this one the only tuna weighed for the day, so good for the tuna daily and the agregate tuna money.   

Back on the billfish grounds, 5 minutes after putting them out,  we caught a 2nd blue marlin which temporarily put us in the lead for the billfish division.   Our lead evaporated in the afternoon and our fate was sealed with the striped marlin that I missed late in the day, potentially good for 2nd place, instead we settled for 7th.

The tuna we had for dinner that night was pretty good, worth about $750/pound.