Thursday, January 11, 2018

Ice Fishing

I've never iced fish but a few true times.  Most of the time customers back out when temps lock down as everything they've read goes against the grain.  Few years ago I had a coast guard rescue diver come in to fish and the Roanoke had about 10 ft of ice around the edges, the Cashie had iced over.  Well, I was willing and he was paying and we busted a hole in the Cashie River and caught Stripers until he said he couldn't believe it.  Heck we had an awesome day.

Well this year Every body of water has frozen beyond anything I've seen.  We went looking ducks but all my holes were void and I've cut the bottom out of a fiberglass boat, once so did not want to break ice in the boat.  After a day or so of eating everything in the house, the walls couldn't hold me.  My son has asked for years for me take him ice fishing.  It was the perfect storm and fish are way better eating than ducks!

Capt. Mitchell