Sunday, April 20, 2014

Roanoke Report

All good here on the Roanoke, I had Ben, Andy, Josh and Jason for a couple of days and they helped keep it real.   We didn't catch a lot of keepers and we didn't crush them, but for the day we were well into the triple digits.  I was a bit disappointed that the fish weren't any bigger, these guys have seen the best of it during the herring and rainbow trout days.   

Maybe it is because I just got back from Costa Rica and the cold, dreary weather has got me down, but these guys reminded me that they were thrilled to have caught more fish in a day than ever before and it just didn't matter how big they were.   As I started to look at the glass half full, I was reminded that right now, instead of fishing on the Roanoke River,  I could be on a romantic vacation with Anna and her mom, sharing a cabin on a slow boat in China.  

 I'm going to drop the boat in the water and get back to basics, enjoying a solo day on the river, catching lots of little stripers on my fly rod.