Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Bragging rights for a day

Yesterday, Team Dragin Fly had bragging rights over boat Dragin Fly, we beat them by one sailfish.

Today, the boat Dragin Fly has bragging rights over the entire fleet.   They had nearly 100 sailfish in the baits and their South African fishing team caught 36 of them, enough to win the daily.  To make sure they had the daily secure, they added a blue marline

Team Dragin Fly, representing Costa Rica, well, we had a little trouble staying in the meat.  Although we had bites throughout the day and ended on a double header, our boat was having electrical problems and we were trolling towards home without a radio and had no idea what was happening offshore.....but even if we did know about it, if we had to have a GPS to get there, we would have never found it.   We caught 12 sails and a 40 pound dorado.   I have no idea what place Team or Boat Dragin Fly is sitting in.