Thursday, April 10, 2014

quick report

Sorry for the lack of report yesterday, for the 2nd day in a row, TEAM Dragin Fly returns to the marina on a different boat from which we left, more engine problems on our designated boat for the day, but at least this time the break down was on the run home and we had gotten the best of the day on the water and the bites we had.

TEAM Dragin Fly had a great hook up rate and managed to squeek 12 releases out of 15 bites.

Our boat, the Dragin Fly also had 12 sails, but we beat them on time.   At the end of the day, the TEAM was pretty far down the list, but the boat Dragin Fly was still in the hunt, 2nd place behind another Maverick from Quepos, the Frenzy.

Today, the last day of the tournament, was memorable.   We were on a boat that was born well before I was, but the crew was doing the best they could with what they had to work with and they wanted us to be successful.   They were also good mechanics.   With about 30 minutes left, we do something on the Black Topper Fly (seriously, that was the name of the boat), that we have not done yet on the Dragin Fly, catch a quadruple header in a tournament.   As we're backing down on the 4th fish, we blow a water hose on the engine and smoke is pouring out, but we get the release.   Team Dragin Fly has now broken the 3rd boat in as many days......but the mates/mechanics did get the water hose changed and an impeller replaced and got us home safe and sound before sunset.

Meanwhile, the Dragin Fly and the Frenzy are scrapping for first place.   When it's all said and done, after 4 days of fishing,  the Dragin Fly and the Frenzy have the same number of billfish points, but the Dragin Fly caught and weighed 2 dorado, worth a point/pound.   The Frenzy only had one dorado, so after 4 days of fishing, the boat Dragin Fly had more points.     Unfortunately for us,  the Top Captain/Boat award is given to the captain with the most points for his best 3 of 4 days of fishing.

Congrats to the Frenzy for winning Top Captain/Boat over the Dragin Fly in 2nd place.   I think that team Dragin Fly ended up tin 14th out of 64 teams.