Friday, April 18, 2014

If you are reading this blog to find out how good the fishing is on the Roanoke.......'s pretty good, but it would be a lot better if you knew what you were doing.   It has been a long time since the water has been this high, this late in the year.   Things are set up to be "epic", with every striped bass in the Roanoke coming all the way up to Weldon.  But when they get here, the river is going to look a lot different.    Be careful, there are still plenty of rocks to hit, the high water just makes them harder to see.   Bring a lot of jig heads, you'll be fishing in the trees.  Look for pockets of fish in the eddies and work them hard.   The drifters are going to be dead and only catching the little guys.   Hope this helps, but the best information that I can give you is to hire a guide who is on the river every day.   The investment of $500 is the best money that you can spend if you want to learn how to repeat success.  

Fuel on the river, $40, lost jig heads and weights and hooks, $50, 10 dozen shad minnows, $100.  So three of you are actually paying $100 each to learn how to do it?   Pretty good bargain.

Great Down East Guides such as Capts. Justin Haddock, Mitch Blake, Richard Andrews, Ray Massengill and Greg Voliva still have openings on the river.   This is going to be the best year for numbers of fish in many years and the season is going to last well into May.

E mail us with when you want to go and we'll make it happen.