Saturday, January 25, 2014

On the way to the awards ceremony..... congratulate the winners....not us and the details are still fuzzy on how 2nd and 3rd place worked out.   First place was Extasea with 70some fish, Spanish Fly, Sea Fix and Sea Angel were all right there together on time.  

We were in or out of the top 10 on time, still not sure exactly where, a lot of boats with 60 fish for the 3 days, we had 61.   Yesterday was Validation with a capital V after a pathetic day 1.   Today, we learned that we have a lot to learn.  Capt. James, Berto and Marcos did an excellent job with the preparation of baits, lines and tackle. 

Capt. James gave us enough shots that we should have been able to sleep in this morning and watch cartoons.