Monday, January 6, 2014

Finally a first hand Costa Rica fishing report

Steady double digit days on the billfish, no marlin releases since we lost the teaser, but we've seen a couple.   Plenty of dolphin, the tuna have disappeared.  Yesterday was the slow day, but James was back in the meat today, meanwhile I was on the pink panga.   Snooks, snooks, snooks, pics to come, for now some of offshore yesterday.   Back out there again tomorrow, going to be Dragin some fly.

And snook fishing with dad today: 
Look at the intensity!
Monster Snook
 We turned some heads when we landed this big snook and then shook some heads when we released her.  7 snook bites and we landed 5, 4 of them did not make it back, all "bucks" around 8-12 pounds.
roosterfish bycatch

This is fishing with the local, a half day is all you want.