Thursday, January 23, 2014

Dead Last

We are redefining the term "Hero or Zero".   Team Dragin Fly was pretty much out to lunch all day today in leg 1 of the Los Suenos Triple Crown.  Capt. James made a bold move and tried to stay out of the fleet, where we caught 20+ fish yesterday, 10 of them in the first hour.   This morning we started off with a couple of sancochos and got completely covered up with bonito.  Meanwhile, the radio was blowing up from several boats who stopped on a nest of sails first thing, one boat called in a quad within minutes of setting bait in the water.

We couldn't stand it and picked up and made the run, in the hour and a half that it took for us to run there the rest of the fleet caught almost 200 fish.  After we arrived, the big party was over, but there were still plenty of fish around, if we could hook them......NOT.   Out of the two dozen shots that James gave us, we caught 6.

After battling for last place all day long, when lines-out was called, we had a secure hold on it.   Dead Last.