Saturday, January 11, 2014

Been very busy.

Lots of folks here in Costa Rica now.   Fishing has slowed a bit, but everyone is getting a couple turns/day.   I've fished about every other day, which turned out to be the slower days as far as numbers go, but some pretty impressive catches.   Today we caught 5 sails a dorodo and a really big blue or black marlin.  Thing never jumped.  We got some good looks at it after a 10 minute fight.  Berto was tugging on her pretty good, trying to get her to jump when the hook pulled as her head came out of the water, just not a good enough look to get a positive ID.   Meanwhile Anna was roosterfishing with a couple of customers and they caught a dozen roosters.   Capt. Bubba Carter had some folks out for us yesterday and they had a dozen sails.

Two days ago, 3 striped marlin, a handful of sails and a handful of dolphin.

Get to go fishing again tomorrow and hopefully will soon post some pics.

Congrats to Ben for his first billfish, a striped marlin, followed by a sailfish today. His buddy Andy first checked off the sailfish and that big marlin this afternoon.