Saturday, January 4, 2014

If you hopped on the Dragin Fly and wanted to pull a Green Flying Purple People Eater with a chartreuse tail, Berto would break one out from down below.   We've got all the tools.  James has never taken a picture of a teaser and sent it to me just to make sure that I get another one exactly like it.    But that's what he did last week, claiming that 75% of the marlin that have been a part of our marlin streak over the past few months have come to that one teaser.  

You won't find this one on the shelves or at   This was a one of a kind prototype that is now tangled around the bill of a fully grown blue marlin, last seen about 35 miles off the coast of Los Suenos, heading south.   King James is going to be like Ahab over the next few weeks trying to chase down that teaser.

Hopefully Joey is making another prototype that is just as good and may be on the market to the public soon......and after the Los Suenos Triple Crown.