Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Last week was "epic" with the big drum, most all of the Down East Guides having double digit half days and the fishing remains really, really good.   Should hold for the next few weeks.  

We did things a little different yesterday and went meat fishing.  At first, the we were using more shrimp for bait than we were converting into fish filets in the cooler.   With one last stop, we turned it around, converting the last shrimp swimming in the live well to 18 five pound plus black drum.   Thankfully we ran out of fresh shrimp, I was already lamenting on the time that I was to spend at the fish cleaning station......then one of the guys went to the cooler and brought out the bag of boiled shrimp......apparently, black drum will eat boiled shrimp also......

I cut 'em off so that I wouldn't be cleaning fish in the dark.

Chapter 3 of the drum rant is coming up.