Friday, August 30, 2013

Bad Sign

I picked up 3 guys from Arizona and one guy from Florida at the airport at 5:45 pm, made it to River Dunes, checked into the sweet house that they are renting and we were on the water by sunset.   I wanted to at least catch a couple of fish before dark.  I ain't no vampire.

I cast the first rod and put it in the rod holder, turned around to bait the second rod and from behind me, the first rod went off.   I cringed.   That's no good.   Last time I caught a fish on the first cast I threw a kid out of the boat in a cast net.  We fished almost an hour and caught one more fish.  At least we caught a second one.

They're fishing with Capt. Brian tomorrow, I'm sure that they'll do great.  At least they got a taste of it today.