Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Rant Feedback

It was the Perfect Storm this past Friday night, and unfortunately I am not referring to weather we experienced; but rather the wave of boats that seemed to have total irregard for anyone else on the river. I have never had so many boats not only cut across the hump I was fishing, but literally almost across my lines.  To make matters worse, when I would lift my arms in the air as to symbolize "what the hell",  no one seemed to care. Some cared only enough to kindly fire some hand signals back my way.  It was utterly ridiculous!  I know you have experienced this more times than you care to think about, but I bring one simple request;  will you Please post your upcoming rant to Facebook, so many of us can share it!  I know that you are not the biggest fan of social media, but the more of these knuckle heads that make there 1 annual trip to the river read it, maybe- just maybe it will resonate some of them!! 
 Mason "

More chapters of the Rant will follow