Monday, August 26, 2013

Pics from this past week and a mini rant

Thanks for asking, but I still haven't finished the drum rant.   Fishing has been good, double digit days for some, struggles for others, but most of us getting what we need.   Still some tarpon around.  Here are some pics from this past week, but first a mini-rant:

So Capt. Justin Haddock is anchored up and hooked up on the shoal, lined up with several other boats.   An arriving boat calls on the radio to his buddy as he plows across the shoal halfway on plane, "Hey, where do I need to set up?"    The reply was, "Fall right in behind that guy (Justin), he's hooked up."

Really?   Are they just that stupid?   What's wrong with that scenario and in how many ways?

Here are some pics and comments that we've received this week.    We've also had some guides who have had some tough trips and NO, I'm not sharing those comments, but I appreciate them and we are learning from the good, the bad and the ugly.

"Hi Anna,
Just wanted to send some fish pics. We had a great time. Please show these to Justin and tell him thanks again for a great day of fishing!

Buck and Holly
P.S. He is also a great photographer"

A couple of pics from last Friday's fishing with Brian.  We caught “a handful” of big drum, most were this size and a few of the females were smaller.  The first pic is my oldest son Wade with the first catch!  This one was 42" .   I'll get you their info for the citations.

Again, Brian was pleasant to fish with and worked hard.  After we were chased back to the dock with the first storm many would have went back out just a few miles and piddled away the evening.  Not Brian...he took us 23 miles down the river to try his best to catch fish when we went back out. He is good at it and seems to still like it!
Steve " 


Happy clients, thanks again.

'George and Anna,
Attached are pics of Anne Claire's two citation drum on 8-24 along with a father/daughter double. Yes I know her fish could eat mine.  Great day!  As always thanks, for the great time and great fishing!'

We had a great time!   Thanks again for taking the time to take us out." 
Kelly and Bill "

"George & Anna,
 Just a note to thank you guys for another great trip!
 Capt. Brian fished hard and put us on the fish.   We got ours....!!
 We’re looking forward to seeing you down in Costa Rica in February.
Thanks again,
 John & Eric"