Friday, July 19, 2013

All Good in Argentina

"I hope Jim "Never Enough"  is happy and they are having great hunting--- if not I suspect George is very ready to come home.  We had a great time everyone was impressed with the service the hunting and very professional way everything was handled.  I can give you nothing but my highest recommendations and I will do that every chance I get-- look forward to getting together again sometime in the future.

Tell Nacho his people did a great job at the Airport-- our flight was cancelled, but his contacts inside the airport took care of it and got us home as scheduled on another flight.   We would probably still be there or at least would have been a day or two later getting home without them. thanks again"    -----David O

Thanks for the note David, fortunately, the hunting has continued to be excellent, Jim is very happy and there is no reason for me to leave Argentina early......other than I could probably use the practice before the tarpon tournament. ----George