Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Mitch Blake report, fly fishing for aj's, off to Argentina

"Friday we had a good catch of Trout and Flounder on the Neuse.
 Sat. big double digits on Roanoke Stripers.
 Sunday got a Tarpon, thought we were going to have 2!
 Mon. back to the Roanoke for a pm double digit Striper Run.
 Tuesday was top water Trout followed by Flounder on the Neuse.
 Needless to say Fishing is good!" -----Capt. Mitch Blake
 How's that for versatile fishing? Looks like Mitch is working hard and can do it all.

 I've been stuck on the coast, yesterday had a couple of super nice guys trying for the aj's on the fly. They each caught a couple on the long rod, then on the way home we checked out the buoys for a cobia and found a lost gaffer dolphin about 20 pounds. Despite multiple bites on the fly, we could not keep him connected with the rubber hooks that we were using.

 Sunday was good day for the poons, everyone that I talked to got some bites, wish I were there. I'm sure that they will really be chewing for the next couple of weeks, because I won't be there....again. I'm off to Argentina today but will be keeping in touch with the world and posting some pics and reports coming in form the Down East Guides. I will be back just in time to win the Oriental Rotary Club Tarpon's that for confidence? Bring what you got! Looking forward to competing this year.